Anti Wrinkle Treatment – Important Information and Side Effects of One of the Medication

Have you ever heard of Tretinoin as an anti wrinkle treatment? This article looks closely at it and explains how it helps to deal with wrinkles and aging.

Tretinoin is fast acting, and you can see the anti-wrinkle treatment effects of the medication on your skin within just a couple of weeks. The wrinkles will fade and fresh skin will reappear right where you want it. The treatment does take a few months to reap the full effects of it, however, but it is certainly something you can live with if you see the quality of your skin improving each morning after you use it.

But Tretinoin has a few catches. It is rather a strong substance for the treatment of wrinkles in either cream, lotion, or gel form, and it may react adversely with other skin medications, especially those that contain sulfur, salicyclic acid, and resorcinol. In addition, it should not come in contact with your nose, your eyes, and the mucous membranes of your nose because it may result in very severe adverse reactions.

Tretinoin tends also to give a few other side effects that may not be pleasant. It can cause you to experience excessive redness of your skin, as well as peeling, sun sensitivity, darkening or lightening of your skin color, and a burning or stinging sensation. Skin products containing alcohol should not be used with the product either, because of similar reactions. The same would apply for citrus scents or spices, astringents, and medicated soaps.

With these possible side effects, it’s necessary that you see a specialist before you decide to use it. Tretinoin is available as trade names Retin-A, Renoval, and Vesanoid. buy tazarotene

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