Best Gaming Keyboards

Your keyboard is the part of your PC you touch the most, so a new one can make more of an immediate difference than any other upgrade. But there are more than just different shapes and colors to consider; you need a keyboard that feels right, delivers the best mix of tactile feedback and zero latency for speed, accuracy, and performance.

The best gaming keyboards deliver just that, and we’ve rounded up the most capable options to help you find your perfect match. Our picks include a variety of designs, from compact 60% models that trim away arrow keys and the number pad to full-size wired behemoths that dazzle with RGB lighting and underglow. They also feature a wide range of features, from programmable macros and custom key actuation to built-in gaming modes and full n-key rollover and 1,000 Hz polling rates.

We tested all of these to ensure that they have the most essential features for gamers, including customizable per-key lighting (which can change color and pattern), USB passthrough capabilities, and the ability to create multiple profiles and save them to onboard storage. Most offer a built-in gaming mode to tweak performance, and some even have dedicated game media controls to help you manage your game audio and video without switching windows.

Our top pick, the Corsair K100 RGB, is an impressively versatile full-size behemoth that combines a playfully colorful aesthetic with responsive and reliable performance. It offers a premium build with a plush wrist rest and pastel-colored accents, but its most standout feature is a multifunction media dock that attaches to the top left of the main chassis. The bezeled dial and buttons can adjust keyboard lighting, display system resource usage, or show the time. gaming keyboards

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