Blue Topaz Ring

blue topaz ring is a powerful, calming, and stabilizing stone that inspires inner strength and a strong sense of purpose. It is also known as a stone of universal wisdom and guidance. It opens your channels to the archives of all knowledge that has been and will ever be, helping you connect with these ancient sources of knowledge during meditation or through esoteric practices such as astral projection.

This beautiful gemstone has been regarded as the symbol of true love and lasting loyalty. It is a gemstone of clarity and openness, allowing you to feel more at ease in relationships as well as at work and with other people. It is an excellent companion stone for those who are prone to mood swings as it can help stabilize your emotions and encourage you to find your own emotional nourishment. It is also a great stone for easing fear of loss and increasing trust in life and your abilities.

Its healing properties make it a very useful stone for releasing anger, especially deep-seated resentment. It helps you learn your true feelings and honor them so that you can let go of the anger that is keeping you from a life of health and happiness. It also teaches you how to surrender and forgive yourself as well as others.

Blue topaz has long been a very popular choice for jewelry, especially in rings. It is a very versatile and easy to wear stone and one of the most affordable healing crystals. It is a very durable stone and withstands scratches and bumps well. It is often used to help control lust, especially for those who have a tendency to overindulge in physical pleasures.

Like many of the other gemstones, topaz carries a lot of folklore with it. Many believe that wearing topaz will keep you safe from enemies and even protect your food from poisoning. It is believed to help cure insomnia and promote concentration. It is also a good stone for those who have difficulty controlling their anger or lust, bringing the energies of these issues into balance.

This dainty stackable ring features a bright semi-precious blue topaz and brilliant diamonds. It is the perfect gift for a November birthday or 4th wedding anniversary!

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