Cartagena Villa Rentals

If you want to see the Caribbean from the height of luxury, check out these Cartagena Villa Rentals. The Colombian city, also known as Cartagena de Indias, is famous for its beautiful Spanish colonial buildings and streets, evoking the country’s past. It’s not only its architecture that makes the place a must-visit, though. Cobblestone streets, balconies of cascading bougainvillea, and charming cafes all add to its splendor.

Whether you’re looking for an amazing Cartagena apartment or a luxurious private villa, Premier Casa Colombia has the perfect accommodation for you. Our selection of properties in Cartagena include everything from a gorgeous 3 bedroom apartment in the old town to a stunning 5 bedroom villa in the center of the city. Many of these accommodations have roof decks, pools and jacuzzis that are ideal for entertaining and enjoying the spectacular views.

The best part about renting a Cartagena villa is the fact that you get to enjoy all of the city’s amenities. Located in the heart of the walled old town, these vacation rentals provide easy access to museums, markets and restaurants. You’ll also have the option of stepping outside the walls for a visit to one of the beaches or to one of the numerous historic sites around the city. You can even find a few of the most popular shopping centers nearby.

When you’re ready to return to your vacation rental after a day of exploring, simply head back inside. Most of the rooms at these accommodations come equipped with a kitchen that allows you to cook your own meals, and most have air conditioning to help keep you cool throughout the day. You can also find a few with terraces and outdoor dining areas where you can enjoy your meal while taking in the tropical breezes.

If you’re traveling with a pet, you’ll be happy to know that there are a number of pet friendly Cartagena villas. These vacation rentals allow you to bring your dog or cat with you on your trip and take care of them while you explore the city’s most notable attractions. There are a few that also have an on-site day and night watch to ensure your pet’s safety.

While there are a few common amenities that most vacation rentals in Cartagena have, you’ll want to be sure to check each property’s individual listings to be certain that they meet your specific needs. If you’re traveling with kids, for example, you may want to look for a villa that offers high-speed internet or has a full kitchen. Similarly, if you’re planning on taking a cruise, be sure to find out whether that activity is included in your stay at the vacation rental. This will save you from having to pay additional fees for the activity once you’re on board. Cartagena Villa Rentals

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