Criminal Defense Lawyer Louisiana

Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, it is important to seek the counsel of criminal defense lawyer louisiana to help you protect your rights and liberty. A reputable criminal attorney will help you navigate the legal process by creating a strong legal strategy, doing damage control to prevent you from inadvertently harming your case and fighting to reduce or dismiss your criminal charges.

Murder charges in Louisiana are serious. The penalties for first degree murder can include the death penalty and life in prison with hard labor. Second degree murder is a capital offense that also results in a life sentence without the possibility of parole or release. Manslaughter is a less serious form of homicide that is committed when someone is provoked to lose self-control. The penalties for manslaughter can be 40 years with hard labor.

White-collar crimes in Louisiana can include money laundering, tax fraud, extortion, public corruption, embezzlement and more. Internet or cyber crimes include identity theft, credit card fraud, child pornography and online sex crimes among others.

Juvenile crimes are handled differently than adult cases in Louisiana. A juvenile criminal defense lawyer will be familiar with the standards and procedures of the juvenile court to ensure your child’s best interests are protected and your child does not face a lifetime of repercussions from a single mistake.

DUI/DWI cases in Louisiana can result in jail time, heavy fines and license suspension. A good Lake Charles DUI attorney will be experienced with these types of cases.

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