Eight Great Christmas Gift Ideas For Wine Lovers

Wine is an excellent gift to be offered on any occasion: from an intimate reception to the celebration of important events. There are several different related wine gift ideas that you can offer. Any person receiving a wine bottle will always be charmed by the gift.

Below are a few wine gift ideas:

Include a pot of Wine Jelly in a wine gift basket

If you plan to offer a Christmas gift to a fine gourmet,Guest Posting wine jellies are a good idea.

Wine jellies (made with red, rose or white wine) are used to create succulent sauces or simply putted on bread like jam. Wine jellies also enhance the taste of a fruit pie.

Here is an example of a Christmas gourmet basket:

A bottle of Sauterne or sweet Bergerac,
foie gras (fat liver),
wine jellies,
flavored oil,
balsamic vinegar,
a recipe book…

Personalized wine bottle

Several enterprises offer the opportunity to acquire personalized champagne or wine bottles. You can also personalize the bottle by yourself: name of your friend or parent, birth date, your Christmas wishes…

Professional corkscrew

This kind of corkscrews do not damage the wine stopper which has sometimes the same or more value than the wine and the bottle. Corks can sometimes be very hard to remove, so a professional corkscrew will leave the stopper intact.

Some corkscrew have an optional engraved monogram and manufacturers create professional corkscrew decorated for Christmas.

Crystal wine glasses set

Crystal is delicate and is an excellent way to enhance the wine you offer to drink. Crystal glasses also add a touch of luxury to your table.

There are several crystal factories such as Val Saint Lambert (Belgium), Murano (Italy), Baccarat (France)…; which are expensive but there are also less expensive crystal glasses available on the market.

They are cheaper because they do not meat the crystal criteria but are as beautiful as the real crystal glasses.

If your Christmas gift budget is very large, offer a set of 30 crystal glasses including: 6 red wine glasses, 6 white wine glasses, 6 water glasses, 6 champagne glasses and 6 port glasses.

If your budget is limited, do not hesitate to offer a set of two wine tasting glasses.

The term “crystal” is protected in Europe and in many other countries since many years. To be called “crystal”, the glass must meet some rigorous criteria in percentages and rates.

When you offer this kind of gift, ensure you that these standards are met, and you will always be sure to offer a gift of great value.

Wine decanter

What does mean decanting? Wine decanting means transferring the content of a wine bottle into another recipient before serving in order to reveal the wine’s aromas. A decanter also emphasizes the wine’s colours. This is an excellent Christmas gift for a wine lover.

Wine tasting set

If you plan to offer a wine tasting set for Christmas, include wine bags to cover the wine bottles, a wine tasting guide, scorecards to evaluate the wines, glasses designed to taste each category of wine.

Wine club membership

Wine Clubs are a great way to discover and taste many different wines. There are different kind of wine clubs: red wine clubs, white wine clubs, etc. Wine clubs take you on a tour of the world’s best vineyards and give you the opportunity to buy great wines and realize big savings.

Put the certificate in an envelope decorated with Christmas motifs and hang it on your Christmas tree. This kind of gift can also be mailed with your Christmas greetings.

“Pocket vineyard”

Another great Christmas gift idea for a wine lover, is the pocket vineyard; which contains an informative gold mine about wine: grape harvest tables, glossary, diagrams, suggestions to match wine and food…

It is also an excellent tool for someone who is building a wine-cellar and will learn a lot about the subject.

By making a research on the Internet, you will find thousands of gift ideas related to wine that can be offered for Christmas. If your Christmas gifts budget is restricted, you can also offer a simple wine bottle in a nice gift pack. best wine tours in Willamette Valley

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