Electrical Powerline Installers & Repairers

The most popular location for Electrician powerline installers & repairers to work is Taney, Barry, Stone & McDonald Counties PUMA, MO, Georgia Mountains Regional Commission (Southeast) PUMA, GA, and Middle Peninsula, Northern Neck & Accomack-Northampton Planning District Commissions PUMA, VA. A person in this career typically needs a college degree. They can go to a four-year college and earn an engineering degree specifically in electrical engineering, or they can go to a two-year program that has an electrical engineering technology major, which is essentially the same as an engineering degree.

A person in this job has a lot of duties and responsibilities. They have to do things like create digital models in CAD software, conduct tests and make repairs on electrical devices, write reports, and ensure that their products, whether they are entire facilities or compact GPS devices, follow industry standards.

Electrical engineers can also specialize in fields such as microelectronics, control engineer, and power engineering. A person in this profession is typically required to earn a bachelor’s degree from a reputable college and then pass the Fundamentals of Engineering exam, which gives them an Engineer-in-Training license. They must then get a job and gain experience before they can take the Professional Engineer exam.

People in this career are usually good at working with numbers and details. They also have strong logic and reasoning skills. They tend to be very inquisitive and creative, and they’re often very interested in learning how things work.

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