Employment Tribunal Representation

Employment Tribunals deal with a wide range of claims including wrongful termination, redundancy, discrimination and unfair dismissal. Almost all claims must have been subject to an attempt at conciliation through Acas (the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) before commencing employment tribunal proceedings and there are strict time limits. Most claims are brought and defended by people who have professional legal representation. However, it is possible to represent yourself at a tribunal hearing, and many claimants choose to do so.

At a hearing you will be expected to present your case in front of the employment judge or panel. The hearing will likely last for a few hours or days and you will be asked to give evidence under cross-examination. You may be asked to call witnesses too.

It is quite common for cases to settle at the hearing stage if you or your representative has been able to convince your employer that there’s a strong chance of winning. You will be able to make the agreement official on the day and you can also ask your representative or the employment judge to enforce the settlement should the employer fail to pay.

It is also possible to obtain free or comparatively cheap representation from a community organisation or a charity. The Citizens Advice Bureau is a good source of free, qualified advice and they are often able to provide assistance with finding a solicitor who specialises in this area of law. Employment Tribunal representation

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