Gas Mask For Sale – A Prepper’s Best Friend

A gas mask for sale is a prepper’s best friend. In the event of a disaster, chemical or biological threats can cause mass infections that will require airborne protection. This is especially true if riot control or other forms of crowd dispersal involve the use of CS gas, tear gas, or other lethal chemicals. A good quality CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) mask is expensive but worth the investment. A good mask will provide years of service and will save lives in a crisis.

The basic structure of a gas mask is a facepiece that seals around the mouth and nose, with straps to secure it to the head. It then mounts a filter or cartridge that purifies the air as it is breathed in. The cartridge may contain charcoal, activated carbon, or other filters that remove dangerous chemicals or particulates from the air.

A high-quality mask will have a good double seal for worry-free breathing, a clear wide-view visor and voice emitter, threaded filter joints you can count on, and accessories like sunshields. In addition, it will be light and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The most expensive options are military-grade full-face masks, but there are also some civilian and first responder models that will offer adequate protection and be a lot less money.

There are also SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus) models that use an air tank to supply clean air, which don’t need filters but can be much heavier and require specialized training to use. They also have different filters and require different air tanks that need to be stored in a special bag or box when not in use.

You should only purchase a gas mask from a reputable seller with experience selling this type of equipment, or a manufacturer that produces it. A trusted seller will be able to help you select a mask that fits you, and help with proper maintenance. They will also sell replacement filters and other parts.

Most of the top manufacturers will offer models that are certified to protect against all three NBC threat types. These include MSA, Mestel, Honeywell / Sperian / North, 3M, and Scott. They will be more expensive than the options listed here, but they will be more durable and reliable.

For a cheap option that will still give you good protection, consider the Israeli Civilian Gas Mask (aka Shalon 4A1). It’s about $157 including one NBC filter and will fit most people. It is a bugeye, but it has a better lens than most other bugeyes and a fairly reliable voice emitter. The only downside is that it mounts on only the left side of the face. You will need a third party 40mm filter to make it work on the right side as well. gas mask for sale

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