Get a Natural Look From Your Natural Skin Products

You use natural skin care products, you use natural hair care products, and you even use vegan products and mineral cosmetics on a daily basis. However, you have yet to learn the art of applying makeup, to make it look natural, so it looks like you’re not wearing any natural skin products or cosmetics at all. It is important to use only mineral makeup ( includes all vegan products) when trying to achieve this look, because most other cosmetics have either poorly made pigments or pigments that don’t appear natural looking. Here are some helpful tips.

Always start with a loose mineral foundation as this has the most natural looking coverage. If you prefer a matte look, you can go with liquid foundation or concealer as long as it has minerals in it. Either way, you will want a mineral foundation with an SPF of at least 15. Next choose eye makeup that will complement your natural coloring. Brown eye shadows are the most obvious, but think lighter shades of brown for blue and green eyes, and perhaps darker shades for brown and hazel eyes. Beiges, peaches, and warm shades are a good choice for blondes and those with light red hair. If you have medium brown, auburn, or dark hair it is wise to try deeper and richer shades of brown or purple. Never use a really bright or deep shade if you have doubts about the color. And no matter what your natural coloring is, stick to basic mascara and a brown eyeliner as black eyeliner has a tendency to look severe.

As for the rest of your look, it is much less complex. Skip blush, and use a natural bronzing powder. Be careful not to overdo it though. You should also skip lip liner and lipstick, and just use a little bit of nude colored lip gloss, just make sure it is a shade close to your own. The general rules to natural looking makeup are easy to follow once you have vegan products. Vegan lip care

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