How Quotes For Moving Companies Are Calculated

Before hiring a moving company, you should understand how quotes for your move are computed. The amount you’re quoted will likely depend on a number of factors, including the size and type of your belongings, date and season, and distance. You’ll also need to factor in additional costs such as packing materials, renting a truck and fuel costs for the trip. While some homeowners believe that DIY moves are cheaper than using professional movers, it’s not necessarily true. If you take the time to evaluate the quoting process and compare prices, you can ensure that your move is cost-effective.

When requesting a quote, make sure the mover itemizes each service and gives you an estimate of how much each will cost. You should also ask about the different types of estimates available, such as binding and non-binding, so that you’re aware of what to expect. A binding estimate holds the mover to the price they’ve quoted so long as no unexpected obstacles arise during the move, whereas a non-binding or binding not-to-exceed estimate will allow the actual weight of your shipment to affect the final cost.

In addition to knowing the types of quoting options, it’s important that you get an in-person or over-the-phone estimate. Having an in-person estimate means that your movers can see the size and scope of your belongings and take into account items like furniture that need to be disassembled or broken down for transport. Additionally, in-person movers can help you save on the cost of your move by suggesting ways to reduce the overall weight and volume of your belongings.

How Big of a Move are You Planning?

The more stuff you have to haul, the more expensive your move will be. To lower the cost of your move, consider donating, selling or trashing unused items before seeking a moving quote. You can also save money by moving during a less in-demand time, such as during the summer months or on weekends.

Generally speaking, a local or in-state move is cheaper than a long-distance or interstate move. During these types of moves, your movers will calculate the moving quote based on the hourly rate for a team of two or four men and their vehicle. In addition, the more time it takes to complete the move, the higher your quote will be.

To make the most of your moving quote, check a company’s customer reviews to determine how they handle quoting and the quality of their services. In addition, always request a written quote so that any verbal promises are reflected on the final contract. Many homeowners have had to pay extra fees or charges after their move because they didn’t have all of the pricing details in writing. Getting your moving quote in writing can avoid this type of incident. Moreover, you can compare quotes between various moving companies to ensure you’re receiving the best value for your budget. A reputable company should offer transparent pricing and provide no hidden fees to their customers. quotes for moving companies

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