How to Check Online Warrants For Arrest

In some cases police may not need a warrant to arrest someone. For example, if someone destroys evidence they are facing prosecution for, the officer could just take the person into custody without a warrant. However, if the crime is serious or the defendant is considered dangerous, officers will likely need a warrant to make an arrest. This is one reason why people need to regularly check for warrants online.

In most states it is possible to find out if you have an outstanding arrest warrant for misdemeanor and felony charges. You can usually log onto the sheriff’s office data base in your county or go to a third party website that will search the databases for you. However, you will need to enter a certain amount of information to do so such as your name and date of birth. In addition, these sites often charge a fee for the service.

Despite being available online, these searches may not be accurate or up-to-date. They also will not provide you with all of the relevant information that a warrant might contain such as when it was issued and whether fines have been accumulated. It is advisable to hire an attorney to help you with your case if you have a warrant out for your arrest. An experienced attorney will be able to help you get the information you need and will have strong relationships with legal authorities.

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