How to Identify a Microsoft Solutions Partner

A microsoft solutions partner has the technical expertise and capabilities to help customers succeed in the digital transformation. They offer solutions across the entire business application spectrum, from integrating data to streamlining operations and unifying teams, as well as support during version migrations and beyond. Customers can look to a partner’s Solutions Partner designation to easily identify the right partner for them.

The Solutions Partner designation is based on a combination of three metrics—performance, skilling, and customer success—measured automatically through the membership workspace. These scores are determined based on the requirements and thresholds in each solution area. Each solution area has a unique set of requirements and metrics, but there are some common requirements such as the minimum number of points in each metric that must be earned to qualify for a designation.

The customer success category measures your ability to enable growth in the use of Microsoft products or in the expansion of services and workloads deployed by your customers. You earn points in this metric based on the growth of your customer deployments in each solution area, with each net new customer contributing to 3.3 points. The customer success criteria and definitions for each solution area are listed in the detailed requirements pages.

You can earn a Solutions Partner designation by achieving a minimum of 70 points in each of the three solution areas. The number of points you need to earn in each solution area is displayed in the Membership workspace when you select Solutions Partner in your navigation bar. You can also see the status of your qualifications in the membership workspace: In progress: indicates that you haven’t met the requirements to be enrolled in this solution area. Qualified: indicates that you’ve met the qualifications and can make a purchase to enroll in this solution area.

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