How to Replace Nor Cold Cooling Units

The cooling units on Nor cold fridges are designed to last a long time. However they do fail and need to be replaced. Fortunately replacing your Dometic or Norcold cooling unit is easy and inexpensive if you understand the process.

The first step in replacing a cooling unit is to remove it from the refrigerator. This can be done easily enough by simply prying upward on the cooler where it is attached to the fridge cabinet. Be careful to not cause any damage when prying. You will probably need a helper for this task.

Once the cooling unit is removed the next step is to remove the screws that hold it into the refrigerator. These screws are usually in the area indicated by the blue ovals in the photo above. Some of these screws are long and some short. Make sure you keep track of the location of each screw as it is removed so that you can reinsert them in the same locations when you are finished.

Once you have the screws out you can remove the cooling unit and clean the back of it. Once the cooling unit is clean you should apply some sealing tape to it and also a putty-like material called Thermo-Mastic to some of the tubing that attaches it to the fridge freezer section and the cooling unit. This Thermo-Mastic is what transfers heat between the tubing and the refrigerator cabinet so it is important to get it applied correctly. Nor cold cooling units

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