Hvac Services

Providing Hvac services helps to ensure safe, healthy indoor air conditions for buildings and the people inside them. These services include heating and cooling, duct work, ventilation systems, as well as inspections, repairs, replacements and maintenance. The industry is a diverse one with professionals working on systems of all shapes and sizes. Hvac systems are found in residential structures such as single-family homes, apartment buildings and senior living facilities; large commercial and office buildings like skyscrapers and hospitals; and on vehicles including cars, trucks and aircraft.

The HVAC industry is a vast one, and deciding which specializing area to focus on can have a significant impact on the business model. For example, a commercial HVAC company will serve a much smaller pool of potential clients than a residential one. Moreover, commercial HVAC projects tend to be larger and require more extensive work than residential ones. Therefore, focusing on commercial clients may not be as profitable as concentrating on the residential market.

The most common Hvac services are repair, replacement and maintenance. In this category, technicians inspect, clean and repair a system to keep it running as efficiently as possible. They also replace parts, such as thermostats, and make sure that ductwork is properly sized and sealed to prevent leakage. Additionally, they can offer advice on how to improve energy efficiency and overall indoor comfort. In addition to these services, HVAC contractors can also provide a number of other specialized ones, such as testing for asbestos and radon and sanitizing ventilation systems.

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