Miles Morales Spider Man Mask

A mask is the first step to becoming Spider-Man, and this one lets kids imagine suiting up to swing into heart-pounding action from the Marvel comics-inspired world of Across the Spider-Verse. The black plastic mask has a red and black design and secures to the head with a comfortable elastic band. Its perforated eye holes offer limited vision so kids can maintain their spider-senses and stay aware of their surroundings. This roleplay mask is an excellent complement to a costume or a great gift for a special young superhero.

Miles morales spider man Mask
In the universe of Across the Spider-Verse, teenager Miles Morales gets incredible powers from a radioactive spider that also infused him with Oz formula (from the superhero film Spider-Man: No Way Home). He uses these superpowers to fight crime and help people. Unlike his friend Peter Parker, Miles Morales doesn’t have the same superhuman strength and stamina but he does have an amazing camouflage power that sends bad guys running for cover.

This mask is a must-have for any kid who loves Spider-Man and wants to take down villains and save the day. Kids ages 5 and up can pretend to be Miles Morales, the Spider-Man of the new era, and bring justice to the city. The mask’s flexible band fits most aspiring wall-crawlers and features dotted graphic detailing inspired by the appearance of the character’s mask. Miles morales spider man Mask

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