Omega Watch Repair – Taking Proper Care of Your Investment

Omega is one of the world’s most recognized luxury watch makers. The company produces both mechanical and quartz watches that are coveted for their beauty and precision engineering. However, like any high-precision instrument, Omega watches require regular service to maintain their function and appearance. If you own an Omega watch, or are thinking about purchasing one, it is important to take proper care of your investment and have it regularly checked by a certified professional.

The first step in ensuring your Omega watch is in good condition is to clean it regularly. You should only use products that are specifically formulated for watches, as some cleaners can damage the finish or movement. A professional watch cleaner will be able to recommend the best product for your specific watch model. In addition, a professional can also help you with any other maintenance that your watch might need, such as replacing the battery or repairing a loose bracelet link.

Your Omega’s bracelet can easily become damaged if it is exposed to too much moisture or heat. This can lead to a loss of color, or it may even break into pieces. The bracelet can also be damaged if it is subjected to physical shocks, such as a knock on the wrist or a fall. If you notice any problems with your bracelet, it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage.

Another problem with Omega watches is that the clasp can sometimes fail to close properly. This can be caused by mishandling of the bracelet, or it could be due to a mechanical problem with the closure mechanism. It is important to have the clasp repaired as soon as possible to prevent the watch from becoming loose or falling off entirely.

A complete overhaul of an Omega watch requires a complete disassembly of the case, bracelet, and movement. The movement is ultrasonically cleaned and then reassembled using recommended lubricants. The case and bracelet are then refinished to remove any scuff marks and scratches. The finished watch is then tested for water resistance and the final aesthetic, timekeeping, and power reserve checks are made.

An Omega watch with a complex movement will have over 200 individual parts that need to be taken apart and replaced. This is a process that takes a great deal of skill and experience to perform correctly. It is also an expensive procedure to have performed on a watch, so it is very important that you choose an experienced watchmaker for the job.

If you have an Omega watch that needs to be serviced or repaired, please contact Ron Gordon Watch Repair in Midtown Manhattan New York City. Our master watchmakers are experienced and qualified to repair Omega watches of all models and styles. We also offer inspections of pre-owned and vintage Omega watches to give you a budget for any necessary repairs before you purchase your watch. Our expert watchmakers are committed to providing the best quality workmanship and excellent customer service.Omega watch repair

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