Paper Quilling Jewelry – Earrings & Pendants

Paper Quilling Jewelry: Earrings & Pendants
Author Ann Martin takes the time-honored paper rolling technique to new levels of stunning (and sturdy) jewelry with her latest book. Whether you’re a paper quilling newbie or an experienced paper artist, the projects in this collection will be a joy to create.

The designs include simple shapes like coils and scrolls as well as more complex shaped creations. You’ll also learn how to use different color combinations, add a bit of bling with gold-colored paper and even use a needle tool for more detailed coiling. With the help of this guide, you’ll soon have a collection of eye-catching earrings and pendants that no one will know are made from paper.

In this photo from the book, Licia Politis turned the Petal Power Lariat Necklace into a modern statement piece that reflects her colorful style. Her version is a little more subdued than the gold and silver edge version from the book, but I love how she chose to mix up the design with her own creative embellishments!

A great place to find premade quilling strips is Let’s Quill On, based in India. They have a nice selection of colors, including shiny metallic edges and colored edge ones that are essentially tone on tone, such as blue on blue or magenta on magenta. Their prices are really affordable and they offer reasonable shipping rates for international customers. To make the earring pieces in this article, I used a pair of their ivory A Touch of Silver strips. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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