Pressure Washing Near Me

Pressure washing near me is an effective way to clean a home or business and restore surfaces. Dirt, oil, mildew, algae, moss and other pollutants can eat away at exterior surfaces and a professional power washer can remove them quickly and efficiently. Having the right pressure washer and cleaning solution makes all the difference. However, improper use of a pressure washer can damage surfaces like wood and paint, so it is important to hire an experienced service professional who uses the right equipment to protect your property.

Power or pressure washers are gas-powered water sprayers that use pressurized cold water to blast away dirt. They are available with different PSI (pounds per square inch) settings and nozzles that change the angle of the water jet. For example, a 0-degree nozzle directs the jet directly at a surface, while a 25-degree nozzle spreads the water out to cover a larger area. Choosing the right PSI setting for your job is crucial, as too high of a pressure can damage or even ruin surfaces.

Power or pressure washing is often used to clean driveways, patios, decks, siding, roofs and gutters. It is recommended to get your home pressure washed every one or two years to help extend the lifespan of your siding and prevent issues like mold growth, rust or flaking paint. Pressure washing contractors typically charge per square foot and the size of the house determines how long it will take to pressure wash and what all gets cleaned. pressure cleaning near me

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