Ruqyah – 3 Ways to Perform Ruqyah

Ruqyah is a unique and effective tool for dawah, both within the ummah and to those outside of it as it demonstrates in an easily observable fashion the triumph of tawhid over shirk. It also provides an opportunity to explain the fundamentals of Islam and its principles to non-Muslims who may not be familiar with it.

There are a number of different techniques for performing ruqyah. One method involves writing verses of the Quran on dissolvable paper with soluble ink and washing it for people to drink who are suffering from certain types of magic spells (Sihr). This technique was used by some of the Prophet’s companions including Abu Qilabah and Ibn Abbas. It is a practical and effective method that does not depend on touch and can be performed from a distance.

Another method is to simply recite the verses of the Quran over Zam Zam or normal water. This can be done by listening to the audio recordings below or simply reading them aloud from a booklet. There are 45 specific Quranic verses that have been found to be very effective against all 9 of the main signs/symbols that Sorcerers and Magicians use to harm others. To download and print a booklet of the full set click this link.

A third option is to put the dissolved Quranic verses into a spray bottle and spray all surfaces of your house, shop or workroom very thoroughly. Make sure to spray all corners, nooks and crannies very well. Do not forget to spray your beds very well as the Jinns like to hide there. Then recite the verses of the Quran aloud or listen to the recordings below while holding the ta’weez and reciting/reading al-Faatihah and the last three surahs of the Quran on it. Once you’re finished, burn the ta’weez in a clean place and bury its ashes and residue in clean earth. dissolvable quran ruqyah paper

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