RV Cooling Units For Both Types of Refrigerators

When you’re traveling by RV, cooling the space inside is key. You’ll want to make sure your refrigerator stays cool enough for your food and beverages, especially if you’re on a hot summer day or camping in high altitudes.

Fortunately, there are rv cooling units for both types of refrigerators, including Dometic and Norcold absorption fridges. These cooling units are designed to replace faulty or damaged refrigerator cooling units that fail to produce sufficient heat to boil the water in the refrigerator to make it cold. These replacements are simple to install, but you should always consult an RV technician to ensure your refrigerator is properly installed.

A cooling unit in an absorption refrigerator works by combining the natural gas and propane that power it with an ammonia-water mixture. When heated, the mixture boils and vaporizes, then passes along a series of coils to cool the food in your refrigerator. If the cooling unit becomes clogged, a gurgling sound will indicate that it is not working properly. This can be repaired by removing the refrigerator from service, cleaning the evaporator coils, and replacing the cooling unit.

A 12V compressor refrigerator is a much more reliable option for cooling the interior of your RV. These units are more like their residential counterparts in that they don’t require ventilation, are easy to keep clean and dry, and work well at low temperatures, even if the outside is cold. They also tend to use less power than an air conditioner, so they’re easier on your RV’s battery and generator. rv cooling units

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