Socket Head Cap Screw

A Screw is a fastener that connects two or more materials together. They come in a variety of forms to suit specific projects and environments. There are various materials that offer different strength, corrosion and heat resistance capabilities, so it is important to understand the differences in order to select the right fastener for a project. Patriot Bolt and Fastener offers a wide selection of Socket Head Cap Screw, which are available in both metric and inch sizes.

Socket screws have a unique feature that sets them apart from other screw types. They have a built-in hexagonal internal drive that requires a special kind of wrench—called an Allen wrench or hex key—for installation. They can be either fully or partially threaded, and they have a flat head that is recessed within the counterbored hole, ensuring that it sits flush with the mating material to create a smooth, sleek appearance.

The head of a socket screw can have a flat, cone-shaped design or a smooth hexagonal indentation. This allows for the screws to be installed in a variety of applications, and it can help protect the material surface from damage and wear. A screw’s head can also be tapped for use in taps, which makes them ideal for a range of fastening jobs.

Socket screws are commonly used in a number of industrial applications, including construction, machinery, solar installation and automotive. They are particularly useful in heavy-duty and structural applications, as they are able to withstand high levels of torque and force. These fasteners are also available in a number of finishes, such as black oxide, which provides corrosion resistance and a sleek appearance, or zinc plating, which is often used for low-visibility applications or where electrical insulation is required. Socket Head Cap Screw

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