Speaking Your Truth

I should have been enjoying the soothing caress of the playful breeze
as it wafted its way through my hair on this balmy evening in the
Hollywood Hills section of Los Angeles. Instead,Guest Posting I was too self-
absorbed to notice the sweet, spicy fragrance of spring blossoms in
the wind. I was brooding over what I should say in my speaking
engagement due to commence in about ten minutes inside the East-West
Institute meditation center. In a muted voice, I was practicing my
speech aloud when I was startled by a shadow invading my private
corner of the porch. The sudden appearance of a tall, swarthy
stranger looming over my anxious figure temporarily seduced me out of
my self-indulgence. Obviously sensing my mood and malady, the lanky,
dark-skinned man tried to coax me out of my funk in a soft, gentle,
yet assured tone, “What’s the matter, cat got your tongue? Didn’t I
hear you rehearsing some lines?”

“Yes, I’m preparing my presentation for this evening. I can’t decide
what to talk about. I don’t know if people really want to hear what I
have to say about the subject. Maybe I should just quote from the
published research on the topic and let it go at that,” I replied

“It’s none of my business, but why don’t you just speak from your
heart what you’ve encountered personally?” “Oh, that would be too
easy!” I laughed. This bold, mysterious advisor had shifted me out of
my doom and gloom. I was grateful for that. “Besides, people don’t
care what a twenty-year-old knows about healing. I’d better adhere to
what the experts and professionals have to say.”

“Suit yourself, but I’ve fared much better sticking to what I’ve
discovered firsthand. May I tell you a story?” I nodded agreement. I
was thankful for any distraction at this point. A tale sounded like
the perfect antidote to the seriousness that had overtaken me.
Through a personal story, my candid friend offered the most precise
and useful advice regarding communication I have ever received.

“Most of my early life growing up in Morocco, I was sickly,” Michael
began soberly. “After years of searching and experimenting in my
quest for health, I came across a book by George Osawa, the
originator of a philosophy of healthy living called macrobiotics.
Encouraged by my discovery, I devoured all the books by Osawa I could
find. By eating, thinking and living the macrobiotic way of life, I
transformed the ailing youth I once was.”

“I felt robust and alive again,” Michael enthused. “My recovery was
so miraculous and complete, I decided to devote my life to helping
others in the same way George Osawa helped me. With great exuberance,
I began to give public presentations about the macrobiotic system of
eating and living. I described in detail how sickly I’d been. I
expounded upon the vitality I now enjoy and how blessed I am.
Hundreds of desperate North Africans were attracted to my talks-
people seeking the restoration of fitness that I achieved.” MK bag sale in uk

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