The Best Ceramic Coating For Cars

Ceramic coating protects your vehicle from harsh environmental contaminants like dirt, dust, bird droppings and tree sap while shielding against UV rays that can cause paint to fade. The coating is also hydrophobic, meaning water sheds off your paint instead of staying on the surface and causing damage. This makes your car easier to clean and maintain while offering an insane gloss that makes it look newer and more appealing. In addition to protecting your paint, ceramic coating also resists hairline scratches so your car looks brand new for longer.

You can buy consumer ceramic coating products at auto parts stores and even some department stores for a fraction of the price that a professional detailer would charge to apply it to your car. However, you should note that your ceramic coating will last longer and perform better if it’s professionally applied by an experienced dealer. To prepare the clear coat layer of your car for ceramic coating, a dealer will remove all prior waxes and sealants using solvents, then buff the car to create a smooth and shiny surface. This will ensure that your ceramic coating bonds tightly to your car’s paint’s clear coat and provides the best possible protection.

While you can apply a ceramic coating yourself, it takes time and effort to do so correctly. The best ceramic coatings can last for years, but it’s crucial that you understand the process and follow the instructions carefully to avoid any mistakes. Professionally-applied ceramic coating is the most durable, long-lasting way to protect your vehicle’s finish short of a full transparent film wrap.

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about ceramic coating is that it’s invincible. It’s true that ceramic coating can prevent scuff marks, swirl marks, and scratches from cutting into the clear coat, but it doesn’t mean you won’t need to clean your car regularly. Ceramic coatings do wonders for preventing road grime, dust, pollen, avian fecal matter, and other contaminants from caking onto your car’s surface, but you still need to wash it often to keep it looking great.

Another big mistake people make when buying ceramic coating is misinterpreting the hardness numbers on the Mohs scale. While some ceramic coating manufacturers claim their product has a pencil hardness of 10H, the Mohs scale only goes up to nine. Those numbers are misleading, and it’s important that you choose a product that actually has a high enough pencil hardness rating to provide some level of protection. best ceramic coating for cars

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