Uber Launches Taxi With Baby Seat Melbourne

Travelling with kids can be hard enough but travelling by taxi with them requires a whole new level of organisation. Thankfully, most Australian states and territories have laws about using child car seats in taxis and rideshare services.

The laws vary across state and territory, but in general, children under seven must use a child restraint appropriate to their age or size. This could include a capsule, booster seat or child safety harness. If the vehicle is not fitted with the correct seat, passengers can bring their own child restraints and install them themselves. In booking vehicles (hire cars and rideshares), children under one must sit on an adult’s lap unless the driver has a suitable child seat available.

Some taxis and rideshare services provide child seats for an extra fee, but it’s worth checking before booking. You can also use your own car seat if you’re hiring a cab, but it must be properly installed and fastened.

Infant Seat: Infant car seats are rear-facing and designed to fit infants under a year. They are safe and comfortable, and will make the journey to your destination a stress-free one for your baby.

Toddler Seat: The toddler seat is forward-facing and meant for kids who are between 1 to 4 years. It is quite spacious and will ensure your toddler enjoys a hassle-free and relaxed journey to your destination.

Uber is launching a pilot in Melbourne that allows families to book taxis with child seats in their fleet. Through a partnership with Baby Bunting, the rideshare company is connecting parents needing to travel with children with drivers equipped with pre-approved car seats. The program is expected to launch in 500 vehicles in the Melbourne area, and if successful, will be expanded across Australia. taxi with baby seat melbourne

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