Using Dissolvable Quran Ruqyah Paper to Cure Magic Spells

For example, if a Jinn has cast a spell of death on you you will feel like dying, if it is a spell of flying you will feel the desire to fly everywhere and if it is a spell of being up high all the time you will dream about being up there. These are some of the 45 types of Magic Spells (Sihr) that can be treated with a combination of reading or adding soluble/dilutable ink to Zam Zam or normal water and reciting a selection of supplications and protection prayers (Dua) from the Quran.

There are many different supplications and protection prayers (Dua) to be used from the Quran as ruqyah, these can be found in books on Ruqyah such as Medicine of the Prophet by Imam Ibn Qayim Al Jawziyah. Some of the companions of the Prophet including Abu Qilabah and Ibn Abbas wrote verses of the Quran on stamps that were dipped in water containing saffron, then these stamps were washed and given to people to drink who needed recovery from sickness.

When you use this method it is very important to be careful, do not contaminate the saffron/soluble ink and do not add any other material to it. If you are not careful you could have an extremely bad experience as the Jinns may become very jealous of this and attack you or your family. Also make sure that you spray the dissolved verses over every area of your home, shop or workroom, especially in the corners and any other places where they may be hiding. dissolvable quran ruqyah paper

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