What Are the Benefits of Frequency Healing?

Frequency healing is a popular trend that uses sound frequencies to heal the mind, body and soul. It’s believed that certain frequencies can help alleviate psychiatric disorders like anxiety and depression, improve sleep quality, balance energy centers called chakras, and even promote physical healing by stimulating the genetic signaling in your DNA.

While the idea of a sound frequency having a direct effect on your mood and overall health may seem outlandish, there’s actually quite a bit of anecdotal evidence that supports this practice. Plus, scientists are studying the effects of different sound frequencies on the human body to see how they can affect our well-being.

There are many frequencies used in frequency healing, but one of the most powerful is said to be 528 Hz. This particular tone is a harmonic of the musical scale that is commonly used in Gregorian chants, and it’s been suggested that it has the power to heal cellular damage, increase your metabolism, soothe anxiety, balance hormone levels, and boost mental clarity.

While seeing a qualified holistic healthcare practitioner is the best way to experience the benefits of frequency healing, it’s also possible to listen to frequencies at home by searching “healing frequencies” on YouTube. Just be sure to use high-quality speakers or headphones so you can fully enjoy the benefits. And if you’re already practicing meditation, adding frequencies to your routine could be the perfect way to take your mindfulness to the next level!

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