What is In Store Marketing

in store marketing is a collection of strategies to encourage shoppers to spend more time in retail stores. This can include music, scents, digital displays and even robots that greet customers, inform them about new products or simply remind people to buy.

The main goal is to create an environment that is in line with the brand’s desired customer perception, values and image. Stores are owned brand channels that need to captivate and entice consumers to stay longer in order to increase sales and conversion rates.

Creating a unique in-store experience can also help companies take market share away from competitors. For example, in 2019 Frito-Lay’s had a 60 percent share of the potato chips market, while Pringles had just 8 percent. In-store promotions can encourage undecided shoppers to choose your product over the competitor’s.

Another way to increase in-store sales is by encouraging loyalty and repeat purchases. For example, retailers can use their point-of-sale (POS) or credit card processing systems to identify customers and send them personalized emails. This could include a discount coupon for their next purchase, or a reminder to buy printer ink six months from now.

The key to maximizing in-store marketing is having accurate and accessible data on each of your retail locations. This allows you to accurately segment and target promotions by store type, region and consumer profile – giving you a much greater impact and return on investment. Learn more about how to gain the data you need for powerful in-store marketing campaigns by downloading our free ebook, ‘Store Profiling: The Complete Guide’.

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