What You Need to Know About the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid home and handheld console that lets you play games on the screen of your TV or the console itself. It’s a little older than the next-gen systems from Sony and Microsoft, but it’s still capable of running their most recent titles and boasts a couple of unique features you won’t find on any other console.

The main thing that sets the Switch apart from its competitors is its flexibility. In addition to a traditional home console mode, you can remove the two controller portions of the Switch (called Joy-Con) and use them as individual gaming pads while it’s set up on its kickstand in tabletop mode. You can even play with a friend using one of the Joy-Con in multiplayer mode, as long as they both have their own Switch consoles.

A more recent feature that makes the Switch stand out is its online mutliplayer functionality. With Nintendo Switch Online, you can play with up to seven friends at the same time online. This service also provides access to exclusive game content and a digital store for your console, but it does require an internet connection and a paid subscription fee.

Like most modern consoles, the Switch relies on an internet connection for a variety of services. These include a unified game library, downloadable content, and news updates. In addition, a free eShop app allows you to browse games and download them for your console.

Unlike some other modern gaming consoles, the Nintendo Switch’s display isn’t made of glass. As a result, it can easily get scratched. If you plan on playing your Switch often, we strongly recommend putting a protective cover on it and not letting it come into contact with any sharp objects. It’s also best to avoid putting the Switch in a case or laying it down on its side, as this can cause the screen to warp.

The Switch is Nintendo’s best-selling console to date and has become a cultural phenomenon, not only thanks to its unique gameplay but also because of its diverse gaming library. From family-friendly titles like Kirby and the Forgotten World to fully-grown games with bonkers sci-fi twists, there are tons of great choices for everyone.

In addition to Nintendo’s own titles, the Switch has a wide selection of third-party games that are available exclusively on the system. This includes a ton of independent platformers, such as Celeste, which offers pixel-tight 2D action and a touching story about mental illness.

When searching for the best Nintendo Switch deals, look for sales at Amazon and big box retailers such as Target or Walmart. These retailers tend to offer direct discounts and bundles during major sales, and they also frequently match each other’s pricing during such events. Gaming-specific retailers such as GameStop and Game in the US and UK are another good place to check for deals. Nintendo Switch

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