Where to Buy Tretinoin Cream

Tretinoin is a prescription only cream that works to improve the appearance of the skin, this can be by limiting discolouration caused by sun damage or by reducing and erasing fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps with the production of new skin cells, thereby giving the skin a more healthy and even tone.

It is recommended to start with the lowest strength tretinoin cream uk and slowly build up to a higher dose as the body gets used to it. This is particularly important as many people will experience a period of time that has been coined as the ‘purge’ phase during which the skin will seem to worsen whilst it is actually working to get rid of dead or damaged skin cells and create healthier new ones. During this period it is best to avoid sun exposure and use high SPF sunscreen, wear protective clothing and a wide-brimmed hat.

Once this period is over the results will be noticeable and the skin will appear much more smooth, healthy and vibrant. It is also advised to avoid putting any other products on the face, including make up, as this may cause irritation or break down the medication. It is a good idea to use only a mild moisturiser and to avoid any soaps or harsh cleansers as they can also irritate the skin.

The most effective way to obtain tretinoin is through a GP or dermatologist or via an online consultation with a reputable UK Meds company. Be wary of buying from any other online pharmacies, even if they look legitimate, as this is not something that should be bought without a medical professional’s approval. tretinoin cream uk

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