Why Choose Custom Grip Socks?

Grip socks are a popular choice for physical activities that take place on hard surfaces such as yoga, barre and dance classes. They are designed to offer superior traction for participants, reduce slippage and help improve balance and stability. The grips are usually made from a high quality rubber to provide an extra layer of cushioning to the feet and are positioned in areas of the sole that are susceptible to slipping.

Custom grip socks are the perfect way to align your brand with a fitness practice that is built on wellness and sustainability. Worldwide there are over 300 million people who practise yoga each year and the trend continues to grow. Our custom grip technology is perfectly suited to the needs of the yoga community and can be added onto any sock design to create your own custom yoga grip socks.

Football players are particularly prone to blisters, rashes and cuts because their shoes rub against their skin as they run around the pitch. This is especially true during pre-season and summer heat when their feet are most sweaty and their boots haven’t been broken in yet. Grip socks are able to prevent this by locking their wearers into their footwear, helping them to focus on the game and avoid minor abrasions or even injury.

Our market-leading grip socks are made from premium quality material that is breathable and comfortable to wear. Unlike traditional threadbare socks, they also provide support to the ankles and the Achilles heel and are treated with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents. custom grip socks

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