Why Socks Are a Fashion Accessory

Socks may seem like a minor fashion accessory, but they actually provide your feet with protection, moisture control, temperature regulation and comfort. Plus, they extend the life of your shoes and help prevent blisters. Whether you’re a marathon runner, hiker, cyclist or just someone who wears dress shoes on a regular basis, having the right socks can make all the difference in the world.

Most everyday socks are made with cotton, which is a tried and true fabric for warm weather or casualwear. But it’s not the only option: merino wool is a great material for dress socks, since it naturally wicks away sweat and neutralizes odors to keep your toes cool, dry and comfortable. Merino wool also offers an added bonus: it is incredibly soft, so it’s great for long-wearing socks that will be touching your skin all day.

For a stylish, yet functional pair of dress socks that look just as good with jeans and a button down as they do with a business suit or tuxedo, consider Myrqvist’s Ludvig merino wool socks. These slouchy crew socks have all the hallmarks of a great dress sock: wide ribbed construction, a classic white shade and the ability to go up to your knee without making your legs look too short.

If you have circulatory or lymphatic issues, or are prone to swelling in the feet and ankles, you might want to opt for a pair of compression socks. These socks help relieve fluid buildup and can even decrease aches and pains that are exacerbated by sitting or standing for long periods of time, such as those experienced after a marathon. bamboo socks

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