Can You Surf the Dark Web Without Tor?

The dark web is a place where drugs are bought, hitmen hired, and information hidden from the world. But it can also be a safe way to browse the internet if privacy is a priority.

Tor is a free software program that protects your privacy when surfing the internet by encrypting your traffic and routing it through a network of volunteer-run servers called relays. This helps hide your identity from anyone who might be spying on you, including your Internet service provider (ISP), hackers, cybercriminals, and advertisers. It’s possible to surf the deep web without Tor, but using it is recommended if you want to ensure your privacy.

Aside from being a useful tool for online privacy, Tor can access sites that are blocked by censorship and other restrictions. For example, the notorious Silk Road was a dark website that was only accessible through Tor. The site was shut down after a police raid, but other similar sites still exist on the dark web.

There are a variety of websites on the dark web, but some are more dangerous than others. For instance, there are marketplaces for illegal goods and services, websites that host paywalled academic research, and forums that discuss controversial topics. There’s also a lot of illegitimate material on the dark web, such as stolen credit card information, malware, and hacking tools.

Regardless of what you visit on the dark web, it’s important to use security measures like a VPN and antivirus software when browsing. These programs help prevent phishing attacks, malware, and other threats that can harm your computer. Tor browser dark web

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