How to Change Xbox Thermal Paste

Xbox Thermal Paste is a gray colored conductive substance that is applied on the processor as a cooling solution. It is designed to dissipate heat, so that the CPU doesn’t overheat, which could cause stuttering from throttling and even blue screens of death.

While overheating is often the result of a variety of factors, including dust clogging air outlets and an overdue clean, one factor that can quickly lead to consoles shutting down is the CPU becoming too hot due to thermal paste wear. Changing the Xbox thermal paste is an easy, cost-effective way to prevent overheating issues in your Xbox.

Before attempting to change the thermal paste on your Xbox, make sure to read all instructions for both the motherboard and CPU cooler. Every brand of CPU and thermal compound is a little different, so reading the specifics can help ensure that your repair is completed properly.

After reading the instructions, apply a small dab of thermal compound to the center of the processor’s integrated heat spreader (IHS). Maximum PC recommends using a dab smaller than a pea, or about the size of a BB. Next, lower the IHS’s connecting part down onto the dab of thermal compound and press firmly to secure it.

Insert the flat end of a spudger between the upper and lower case where they meet at the rear of the side vent opening. Insert the spudger into this gap, blocking it from closing around your progress. Slide the spudger along the back and remaining sides of the Xbox, prying up clips as you go. The clips are springy and may snap closed as you continue to open the case, so it’s important to block the gap with the spudger.

Xbox Thermal Paste

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