Five Tips For Shooting Budapest

Straddling the Danube River, Budapest is a photographer’s dream. From its iconic landmarks and historic streets to the layers of culture and history that define it, the city is a visual feast. But how can you make the most of this kaleidoscope of colors, shapes and textures?

Here are five tips for shooting Budapest.

1. The Yellow Trams

Yes, the trams are everywhere – but they look fabulous when you shoot them at night with a long shutter speed. It’s also worth trying to convert the image to black and white if you like.

2. The Szechenyi Chain Bridge

Connecting the Buda and Pest sides of the city, this stunning landmark is one of Budapest’s most photogenic. It’s easy to find great compositions from all angles, but it’s best to visit at sunset for the best results.

3. The Holocaust Memorial Shoes on the Danube Bank

If you’re into street photography, this is an excellent place to explore. The site is a haunting memorial to the victims of World War II who were lined up along the banks of the river and shot. Their shoes were tossed into the water to signify their loss.

4. The Great Market Hall

Budapest’s main indoor market is a stunning gem. With an array of delicious food, drinks and souvenirs on offer, it’s a great place to try your hand at some street photography. But don’t forget to look up – the design on the ceiling is truly spectacular.

5. The Jewish Quarter

The old Jewish Quarter is a fascinating area to explore for photos. The streets are lined with beautiful buildings and there’s always something going on – whether it’s a festival, market or just everyday life. The Dohany Street Synagogue is also worth visiting, and at 4000 Ft it’s not too expensive.

6. Gellert Hill

Taking Bus 27 all the way up to the top of Gellert Hill will give you some amazing views over the city from above. During the blue hour, when the sky turns a deep blue, it’s particularly impressive to see all the lights on the cityscape below you.

7. The Hungarian National Geological Institute

This handsome, creamy mustard-coloured Art Nouveau building on Stefania ut is a stunning sight to behold. It’s designed by architect Odon Lechner and is home to a small museum with a vast collection of fossils and minerals.

8. The Danube River

The Danube isn’t just a beautiful backdrop to Budapest, it’s also a great place for some action shots. The city is home to some incredibly well-known filming locations, and at peak times, you can often spot up to three or four films in production.

9. The Fisherman’s Bastion

There isn’t much more insta-famous than the Fisherman’s Bastion, and for good reason. It’s a truly beautiful spot to photograph, but it can be crowded with other photographers and tourists. To avoid the crowds, go early (before 9 am) or after dark for the best photos. shooting Budapest

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