Moving to Melbourne Australia? Then You Should Consider The Mornington Peninsula

So you are thinking of moving to Melbourne Australia – it’s a big city and there are so many choices on where to live. By the end of this article you will have The Mornington Peninsula on your list of places to look deeper in to.

The Mornington Peninsula is Melbourne’s weekend and holiday get away location that is only an hour from the Melbourne CBD. So why wouldn’t you move here? You’re making a move for a better place, a place with opportunity, beaches, great schools and affordable large homes.

Let’s cover what is probably most important to you when considering moving to Melbourne, and how The Peninsula meets these needs.

Schools and Education

On the Peninsula there are a selection of Private, Government and Catholic schools. The quality of these schools varies from Good to Exceptional. The Human Development Index last compiled in 2009 (at time of writing), showed that in 2007 Australia was in the number 1 position of the Education Index, while countries such as the USA were 20th and Britain 30th. There are also multiple primary schools across each town that makes up The Mornington Peninsula and at least one but usually a selection of high schools in each town.

Mornington Peninsula Beaches

A Peninsula is defined as having large water bodies on three sides. The Mornington Peninsula lies between Port Phillip Bay and Western Port Bay. Both of these bays are unique and both have great beaches, fishing and boating. The last water body is Bass Straight. Bass straight is the water body between Tasmania and the Australian mainland. Along this part of the coast you will find the great surf beaches.

Access to Melbourne

While there are many job opportunities on The Mornington Peninsula itself and across Metropolitan Melbourne, if you have to travel to the CBD for work it will take you around an hour by car or train. You would agree that this is pretty good for a city of over 4 million people and be glad to know it is about to improve. Completion for The Peninsula Freeway is due in 2013. This freeway will mean that in none peak hour times you will be able to drive from The Mornington Peninsula to Melbourne airport in around an hour and twenty minutes with no traffic lights.

On your normal working day a train from Frankston into the city will take around an hour. Frankston is the end of the Frankston line so you will be able to get a seat, but like any train system peak hour sees them fairly full. If you choose to drive to the CBD for work there are a few options which all take roughly an hour, the same as the train, except that you will have to pay for parking in the CBD on top of your trip.

Property Purchasing and Rentals

Mornington Peninsula Real Estate is a great investment if you are purchasing your own home. Property values in Australia throughout the financial crisis have only marginally dropped, and are set to increase once again when the full storm is over. In fact on The Mornington Peninsula prices have remained steady or continued to increase due to the construction of the new Peninsula Freeway. Speak to any Mornington Real Estate Agent and they will tell you that Mornington property has been unaffected.

The average price for a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom double garage home with a yard is around AUD 450,000-550,000. You can rent a similar home for under AUD 500 per week. Hemp Oil UK

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