The ABCs of the Perfect Custom Closet For Kids

A child’s closet is the center of many activities throughout the day — getting ready for school, toys, shoes, and hidden treasures. The only way to keep the mess contained and the stress level down is to have a custom closet that makes it easy for your child to do things on his or her own to keep everything neat at the same time. Following a few simple hints and tips on designing a storage system for your kids can accomplish this and make you wonder how you ever got through your day without it.

Hanging Clothes In The Closet

Because children find it easier to use a hanger than to fold their clothes and put them into a drawer, hang up as much as you can in the custom closet. Use two or three bars for your child to hang up his or her clothes. The best kind to use at this point is spring-loaded rods that you can move up as the child (and the length of their clothes) grows.

Use the top rod in their closets for rarely used items such as dress clothes and rain slickers. The bottom two should be low enough that your child can use them easily. Use the middle rod to hold all of their shirts and the bottom rod for pants with one section of the rod for odd items such as jackets and vests. You should also get your child to help you or take time to show him or her how it is organized — your child will be more likely to follow along with the plan in between laundry days.

Folded Clothing

Since most children won’t or can’t fold clothes, this portion of a custom closet poses some challenges. When pulling out one item, the rest seem to end up on the floor. For items such as socks and underwear, have a few drawers installed. You may even want to consider movable drawers so the design can be adjusted as your child grows and their needs change. The other option you may want to consider is to build straight adjustable shelving into your closets. Then, you simply need to have the right size of containers.

Shoes And Toys

No matter how hard you try, your child’s boots and shoes always seem to leave at least a little bit of sand, rock, and mud in the bottom of a custom closet. Select a couple of see-through plastic bins for them and make sure they have a lid that closes. To fight the smell, add a few bounce sheets and sprinkle a bit of talcum powder into each one.

Toys are another great candidate for your child’s closets. To keep these in order, sort them into separate baskets — toy cars in one, coloring books and art items in another, and puzzles in another. Next, you want to tape a picture of what goes into each container on the front so that your child knows exactly what goes into each one.

Whether you only have a small storage space for your child or a large walk-in custom closet, Chicago families and those across the country will find their children delight in the ability to get ready on their own and will take pride in keeping their rooms neat and tidy. For you, the free time these closets create will make your days much more enjoyable. mypopsox

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