The Benefits of a Flake Ice Machine

If you have a commercial restaurant or bar, a flake ice machine is the best option to keep your beverages and food cold. This type of ice is soft, flexible and moldable to take on the shape of containers for better cooling efficiency. It is also the perfect ice for seafood, produce and buffet display.

Flake ice machines use a drum or cylinder to freeze water, producing thin wafer-like pieces of ice that look like little chips of glass. Unlike cube ice, which has a high mineral content and air bubbles that can cause water spots and blemishes on food items, the frozen ice from a flake ice machine does not have this problem. The result is smoother and more beautiful ice that looks great on food items and in drinks.

You can find this type of ice-making machine at most commercial food service providers, but you can also buy one for your home or office. The Manitowoc ICE FX-220A is a sleek, stainless-steel unit that fits under a counter or can be freestanding. It runs on a standard 120-volt connection and is easy to operate. Its designated control area has LED indicator lights to make the process simple, and the unit automatically flushes its inner ice bin every time it shuts off.

Unlike traditional cube ice, which can take time to make and is rough on blenders, flake ice makes it quick and easy for bar staff to blend drinks and serve them to customers. The soft ice won’t crack or break a blender, so it can save your business money by helping you avoid expensive equipment repairs and replacements.

This ice is also ideal for oyster bars because it keeps the shellfish at safe serving temperatures and holds them in place. It also helps protect the seafood from bacteria and prevents it from becoming brittle as it sits on the plate. In addition, this ice is easier for the bartender to scoop and can be used to quickly prepare drinks without disrupting other guests.

Another benefit of this type of ice is that it does not clump together or sink to the bottom of the container, which can lead to messy spills. This allows restaurants to store their ice in a storage bin and keeps the contents of the tank clean and free of debris.

While this ice is useful for many applications, it’s especially popular with fish vendors because it preserves the integrity of their catch. Because fish begin decomposing as soon as they’re caught, it’s important for fishermen to keep their haul at a uniform temperature for maximum freshness. A flake ice machine can help them do this by providing consistent and even chilled ice throughout their entire trip from the ocean to the market.

Flake ice is also a great option for retail displays in grocery stores. Because it’s soft and uniform, it can be molded into attractive food presentations to inspire customer confidence in the freshness of their selections. This is why supermarkets employ this type of ice for seafood, fruits, veggies and other products that must be presented to customers within a short period.

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