The Best Gym Workout Apps

Whether you’re trying to lift more weights, run a 5K, or just get through your weekly workout routine, a great app can help. From a streamlined way to log your workouts to personalized audio sessions with top fitness instructors, these gym-workout apps come packed with tools and features that can bring you closer to your goals.

Dedicated logs, which help you identify what workouts and how much weight you’re lifting, are essential for assessing progress. These apps take all the guesswork out of logging, giving you an accurate view of your strength and fitness levels. They can also make recommendations based on your health history, helping you avoid overtraining or working out too hard, which can cause injury or worsen existing conditions like cardiovascular disease.

Strong, free for iOS, Android, and Apple Watch, is a comprehensive logging app with plenty of features to keep you on track. It has an extensive library of exercises and a practical way to add sets and reps, as well as a handy rest timer. You can also easily combine workouts to create custom routines. Strong lets you view your progression with detailed graphs and charts, as well as track body measurements. It also fills in previous data and provides a calculator for figuring out your one-rep max (1RM). Its interface could use some tweaking to be easier on the eyes, but its functionality is solid.

For an at-home class-like experience, try Peloton, which offers live and on-demand classes ranging from sculpting and barre to cardio boxing and HIIT. Its colorful videos and upbeat instructors can motivate even the most unenthusiastic exerciser, and equipment isn’t usually required. You can also choose from a selection of low- or medium-intensity options to accommodate injuries and other physical limitations.

Another option is FloWorkout, which provides audio-only training led by top fitness instructors. Its workouts target all major muscle groups and feature a variety of techniques, from core exercises to upper body work. The free version offers a limited number of workouts, while the $9.99/month subscription provides unlimited access to its full library of workouts and a range of other features, including a customized workout plan.

Stack is designed to help you build muscle and lose weight faster. It helps you find the best exercises for your unique body, with a database of more than 300 core and upper body movements. It then uses your personal information to create a customizable program that you can follow on your phone or tablet. The free app includes all the basic features, and a paid subscription to Fitbod Elite unlocks additional training options, including the Mike Matthews Bigger Leaner Stronger and Thinner Leaner Stronger workout routines. best gym workout app

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