The Goodies Pub in St Paul, Minnesota

If you’re a fan of locally made beer, this huge brewery is your go-to. It’s a short drive or light rail ride over to the stadium, and there are tons of patio seats to sit at while you enjoy brews or crowd-pleasers from the bar menu (think: margaritas and cocktails). It’s also a great spot for preshow patio eats on a beautiful night or a postshow beer after the game, when the crowd is happy and mellow.

This oh-so-cozy pub is a St Paul favorite that’s often packed with locals. It’s a great place to stop in for the burgers that are stuffed with all sorts of goodies or the giant platter of fried goodness. And, if you need to soak up a few extra beers, they have a nice selection of low- or no-proof adult beverages.

During the weekend, it’s a good idea to stop in for brunch before a concert at The Goody. Designed in honor of Goodman, the Hotel Monteleone’s long-time general manager who loved fruit-based drinks, this cocktail is like a Hurricane but without the sugar.

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